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    Ant Control Ballarat

    Are ants destroying the food and biting your kids? Don’t panic! Reach out to Pestico Pest Control Ballarat and book ant control Ballarat treatment. We are one of the finest companies that offer excellent pest control services. Ants usually attack of sugary products and cause havoc in the kitchen. Not only kitchen but garden and bedroom can also be invaded by them. To deal with these nasty creatures, our team of experienced professionals use pesticides that are not harsh for humans.

    Do you want to get an estimated price quote for the ants pest control services? Go ahead and dial our number. Our customer care team is available at +61480015729.

    Identification of Ants Infestation

    Not sure whether ants have invaded the house or not? Below-mentioned are the signals that confirm the existence of ants in the house:

    • You can see the ants walking in a queue to feed sugary foods.
    • Black or red tiny ants can be seen running here and there in the house.
    • They can make their nests in the garden. You can see tunnels and holes in the soil of the garden.
    • Objects made up of wood are sometimes ruined by ants. Check the wooden structures carefully.

    Now that you are aware of the signs of infestation, call us whenever you need help. We are the best ants pest control service provider in and around Ballart.

    Necessity of Ant Pest Control Services

    Wondering what’s the need for these services? Look at the damages the tiny ants can cause to humans and their belongings:

    • Uncovered food items can be contaminated by ants.
    • The ants can bite humans and pets. Their painful stings can make the skin red, swollen and itchy.
    • The plants can get destroyed due to the attack of ants.
    • Some species are venomous and their sting can cause severe allergy.

    Why should you choose us?

    • Pocket-Friendly Services
    • Control Treatments for Many Kinds of Pests
    • Punctual and Knowledgeable Staff
    • Result-Oriented Approach
    • Eco-Friendly Procedure
    • Adherence to Standards
    • Same Day Appointment

    How do Ants Pest Control Experts Work?

    1. Our professionals check the entire house properly to determine the major dwelling points of ants. They also find out the things that attract the ants.
    2. The specialists seal all the holes and tunnels made by ants to restrict entry. They use soapy water to kill the ants present and visible in the corners.
    3. The pesticides for ants are available in many forms. The experts kill the ants with sprays, gels and baits. You can find guaranteed removal of ants within a few days after the treatment.

    The following tips can assist you in controlling the outspread of ants on your property:

    • Keep the floor clean. Wipe of all kinds of liquids and food particles immediately after they fall.
    • The fragrance of food attracts ants. Put the lid on the bowls so that the leaves don’t contaminate the place.
    • The trash bins contain leftover food and beverage cans. Empty the trash bins to avoid the infestation of ants.
    • Remove the rotten fruits from the garden.
    • If the situation has gone out of control, then you must book the ant pest control services.

    Pestico Pest Control Ballarat is a well-known ant removal Ballarat pest control company with environmentally friendly pest control approach that are both safe and effective with highly qualified ant control professionals in Ballarat. Call us right now on +61480015729 to learn more about Pestico Pest Control Ballarat!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Ant Removal

    1. Which food items can be consumed by ants?

    The ants love to feed sweet food products. You can find ants near food items like bread, fruits, candies, syrups, oil, etc.

    1. Why is it better to call professionals for ant removal from the house?

    Ants are usually present in their crowd and can bite you if you try to remove them. The experts have pesticides, tools and gear that can help in the removal of ants in a careful manner.

    1. What should be the frequency of booking ant control treatment?

    If the ants invade the place frequently, then you can consider booking pest control treatment every year.

    1. Which seasons are favourable for ants?

    Spring and summer seasons are perfect for the growth of ants.

    1. Do you provide a free quote for the service?

    Yes, you can contact us and we will send you a free quote.

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