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    Does an insect bite you while sleeping at night? It can be a bed bug! These insects hide in the cracks and holes in the bed and come out at night. Their bodies swell and become red when they drink the fresh blood from the human body. It is surely a scary creature and can be hazardous for health. At Pestico Pest Control Ballart, the experts use advanced tools and effective pest control products for bed bug pest control Ballarat.

    The bed bug control is done by certified professionals who are trained in destroying the pests. Our services are designed for both residential places and commercial places like hospitals and hotels. The bites of the bed bugs can cause inflammation and itching. Infections also spread because of bed bugs. If you have already noticed the initial signs of the bed bug infestation, just contact us on +61480015729 and book the service!

    Where Can You Find Bed Bugs?

    The bed bugs can be found in the folds of the sheets and blankets. They can live inside the cracks and holes in the bed. Apart from the bed, you can discover some bed bugs in the closets, cushions, sofas behind the wallpapers and carpet corners. You must keep a check on all these places and contact the professional bed bugs pest control team after finding the bugs.

    How Can Bed Bugs Harm You?

    • The quality of sleep is drastically affected because of bed bugs. The fear of bed bugs bites does not allow the person to enjoy a peaceful sleep.
    • Itching, redness and swelling can persist in the skin when the bed bug bites a person.
    • Health issues such as fatigue and anxiety can develop because of bed bugs.
    • Crushed bed bugs infect the bedsheets. Use of the same bedsheets by other people can transmit the infection. This is the reason why bedbugs control Ballarat is essential.

    How to Recognise the Existence of Bed Bugs?

    How would you know that bed bugs are dwelling in your house? Have a look at the signs of infestation:

    • Skin itching, rashes and visible bite marks can indicate the presence of bed bugs in or near your bed.
    • The droppings of the bed bugs leave brown or red coloured spots on the beddings.
    • Blood spots from the crushed bed bugs can confirm the presence of pests on the bed.
    • The bed bugs are quite quick and can run away easily. But, still try to look for the adult bed bugs or pale yellow nymphs.

    It is essential to become vigilant after discovering the signs that are listed above. Instead of waiting and increasing the problem, just call Pestico Pest Control Ballarat and book our popular bed bugs pest control service.

    Bed Bugs Pest Control Process

    Some basic steps are followed by the experts to execute the process of bed bug pest control Ballarat. The experts pay attention to every step for removing the bed bugs.

    1. The pest control professionals check the signs of bed bug infestation and decide the suitable treatment for the bugs.
    2. The beddings are removed and all the corners of the bed and other affected areas are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The bed bugs that are collected in the vacuum bag are disposed of properly.
    3. Safe, non-allergic and eco-friendly sprays and powdered chemical products are used to exterminate the bed bugs. The bed bugs are found in the bed which is supposed to come in the contact with the humans. So, the experts ensure that the products are safe, even for kids and pets.
    4. After the bed bug control treatment, the experts monitor whether the place has become free from bugs or not. After taking approval from the client, the experts also suggest ways to prevent the re-entry of the bed bugs.

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Ballarat?

    Our company is known to provide quality pest control services. We have earned a loyal client base because of our work. Check out the key benefits we offer:

    • Same day service bookings
    • Use of environment-friendly pest control products
    • Team of experienced pest control professionals
    • Helpful client service team
    • Guaranteed results
    • Affordable services
    • Services for Different Kinds of Pests

    Get an obligation-free quotation before hiring bed bugs pest control services in and around Ballarat to keep your property clean.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Bedbugs Control Ballarat

    1. Do you provide the same day appointment for the bed bug pest control service?

    Yes, Pestico Pest Control offers the advantage of same day booking.

    1. Why bed bugs are not found easily?

    The bed bugs can hide in the corners for a long duration. They can run quickly and conceal themselves easily. The professionals have the tools to catch them but an untrained person cannot handle or recognise them.

    1. Do you provide bed bug removal services for hotels?

    Yes, we provide pest control services for all kinds of commercial places.

    1. Do bed bugs bite cause allergies?

    Yes, the bites of bed bugs can cause reactions or allergies. If you find symptoms like swelling and redness in the bitten area, you must consult a doctor.

    1. Do you use safe pest control products?

    The experts at Pestico Pest Control Ballarat have deep knowledge of the characteristics of pests and the chemicals contained in the products. They make sure that the products are safe and harmless to humans and pets.

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