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    Is your furniture getting destroyed due to borers? Schedule the booking for the borer control Ballarat at Pestico Pest Control Ballarat and protect the wooden objects from further damage. Borers chew the traditional wood and timber. They lay their eggs in the tunnels made by them and increase their population quickly. To save the wood flooring, roofing timber and other wooden structures, you should hire our experts for the best chemical treatment.

    The borer pest control Ballarat is available at affordable prices. If you want our certified experts to control the borers in your home or office, then do book our service. For more details, you can call us at +61480015729.

    Potential Threats Posed by Borers

    Borers are quite tiny pests but possess the capability to cause great damage in many ways.

    • Furniture, wooden fittings and structural timber can be attacked by the borers.
    • The bamboo farms are usually affected by the borer infestation because bamboos are rich in protein.
    • Vascular tissues and other parts of the trees are also damaged by the borers.
    • When borers become the host for the fungi, the conditions can get worse.

    Identification of Borer Infestation

    To help you with the identification of the infestation, we have listed the common signs of borer infestation. Make sure that you book the borer pest control after recognising these signs:

    • You can hear the tickling sound from the wooden objects.
    • Droppings can be seen near the rotted wood.
    • You will find tunnels in the wood or timber if borers are staying in or near it.
    • The holes are made by the borers for their entry and exit.
    • The dust of wood can be seen near the furniture, doors or timber fittings.
    • Translucent or white larvae are visible in the tunnels.

    Process of Borer Extermination

    Borer pest control is a procedure that consists of various steps. The experts implement their expertise and knowledge to get the best results.

    • To put a check on the life cycle, the eggs and larvae are destroyed.
    • To eliminate the chances of recurrence of borers, the fumigation process takes place.
    • The poisonous powder is dusted in the identified tunnels and holes made by the borers.

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    Tips to Prevent Borers

    • The cracks and holes in the doors, windows, and timber floor should be sealed to control the entry of borers in the house.
    • Direct exposure to sunlight for a few hours can help in eradicating the borers.
    • Monitor all the wooden structures frequently to recognise the borer infestation as early as possible.
    • Moisture should be controlled in order to prevent the borers.

    For high-quality, affordable and timely services for the eradication of borers, you should contact Pestico Pest Control Ballarat. We use the finest quality products to ensure that the treated place becomes free of pests. Bookings are open online, so book the appointment now!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Borer Pest Control

    1. Why do borers attack wood?

    The borers lay eggs in the wood tunnels and holes.

    1. Which plants are commonly destroyed by the borers?

    Maples, oaks, birch, and ginkgos are some common plants that are affected by the bores.

    1. How wood borer larvae look like?

    The borer larvae are creamy-while in coloured and curved in shape.

    1. Can I get results in one day after the treatment?

    The borers hidden in their tunnels or holes may take a few days to come in contact with the pesticides. So, you should wait for a few days to see the complete removal of the borers.

    1. Why should I hire a certified expert for pest control?

    The experienced pest controllers know the right and safe techniques to kill or remove the pests. Their practices will not harm the humans or pets residing in the home.

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