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    Are you noticing some insects crawling on the skin of your pet? These insects can be fleas. They are parasitic in nature and feed on the blood of different animals like cats and dogs. Flea infestation can be painful for animals and even for humans. Yes, you heard it right! Fleas can bite humans too. The only solution to get rid of this problem is to destroy the eggs of the fleas. You should book the flea control Ballarat service offered by Pestico Pest Control Ballarat to save your pets from the attack of fleas again and again.

    The professionals associated with our company are highly skilled in pest control. They have deep knowledge of pest behaviour and the techniques that can disturb the reproductive cycle of insects. The treatment done by our flea pest control Ballarat may take a few days to show results because some fleas may take time to come in contact with the chemicals. The chemicals used by our professionals are safe for your pets. What are you waiting for? Contact us now and receive a free quotation for the service.

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    Different Types of Fleas

    Depending on the type of host, there can be different types of fleas. Cat fleas, dog fleas, rabbit fleas and human fleas are some examples of fleas. But, the following two types of fleas are commonly found in Australian households:

    1. Cat Fleas
    • They feed on the cat’s blood and stay in the cat’s hair.
    • They are wingless and have flat edges.
    • You can find them near the resting places of the cat.
    1. Dog Fleas
    • These pests feed on the blood of dogs.
    • They are brown in colour and turn reddish after drinking the blood.
    • Size of the pest ranges from 1mm to 4mm.

    Why is Flea Infestation Harmful?

    • It is essential to get rid of fleas because they cause allergies and suck the blood of your lovely pets.
    • The pets experience pain, itching, allergies and discomfort because of fleas.
    • The fleas may not feed on human blood but they can bite them.
    • Within a few days, the fleas can spread in different corners of the house. Right from carpets to sofas and beds to baskets, they can be carried anywhere by the pets.
    • Diseases such as Bubonic plague, Tungiasis, and Murine typhus are spread by the fleas.

    Identification of Flea Infestation

    To deal with the fleas, it is important to recognise their presence at the right time. Have a look at the signs that you can look for:

    • The reddish or brown creatures can be seen crawling on the fur of the pets.
    • Check the body of the pets regularly. You can find the fleas mostly on the head and neck area of the cats. For dogs, the most targeted area can be the hindquarters.
    • The presence of black droppings in the furs and hair of the animals can be an indicator of flea infestation.
    • The waste produced by the fleas can also spread on the carpets or rugs.
    • When the animals start licking and scratching their bodies too much, you must contact the professionals.

    Did you notice any of the signs in your home? Just contact Pestico Pest Control and schedule an appointment for flea pest control Ballarat.

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    How is Flea Control Treatment done?

    1. Inspection
    • The professionals check the body of the pet and try to remove the fleas crawling on them.
    • They recognise the cause of flea infestation.
    • They find out the places where fleas can hide.
    1. Implementation of Chemical and Non-Chemical Treatment
    • Some solutions are sprayed in those corners of the house where fleas can reside or hide. Chemicals are essential to kill the eggs of fleas.
    • Heat treatment is used when the client is allergic to chemicals. High temperature destroys the fleas and their eggs.
    1. Post-Treatment Inspection
    • The professionals check the condition of flea infestation after a few days.
    • They check whether the fleas have attacked the pets or not.
    • The experts also suggest some useful ways for pest removal to the clients.

    Tips to Prevent Fleas

    • Keep the house neat and clean. Regular vacuuming is important to prevent the spread of fleas. Don’t forget to dispose of the trash carefully.
    • Always keep a check on the activities of your pets. Take them to the vet as soon as you notice an increase in scratching or discomfort.
    • Pets should be kept groomed and tidy. Comb their hair regularly so that fleas are identified quickly.
    • Don’t allow your pets to go near an infected animal or a dirty place.
    • Cider vinegar can be used as a natural cure for the flea infestation.
    • Book the flea control Ballarat service if the problem goes beyond your control.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Flea Control

    1. How did fleas enter my house?

    The fleas can transfer from one animal to another. Your pet may pick get fleas while walking around the garden. A single female flea can give many eggs and can increase the population of fleas in the house.

    1. Is it important to hire flea exterminator professionals?

    Yes, it is important to take help from experts because they are aware of the right techniques and procedures that are effective in controlling and destroying fleas.

    1. Are flea removal products safe for animals?

    Yes, the products used by our team will not cause harm to animals.

    1. Can you provide help on an urgent basis?

    Yes, same-day bookings of our flea pest control Ballarat service can be done at Pestico Pest Control.

    1. What is the contact number of your company?

    You can contact us on +61480015729 and have a direct conversation with our executive.

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