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    Looking for licensed professionals for possum removal Ballarat? Your hunt is over now! At Pestico Pest Control Ballarat, you will get help from licensed experts who can remove and relocate the possums carefully. Our team will reach your house or commercial building at the allocated time. With all the right tools and products, our dead possum removal Ballarat team will eliminate all the stinking and unhygienic dead bodies from all corners.

    Possums are territorial animals and can’t be relocated far away from the captured site. That’s why our experts suggest some easy and reliable methods to prevent further entry of the possums in the property. If you want to book the possum control Ballarat service, then go ahead and complete the process online through this website. To know more about bookings and services, you can always contact us at +61480015729.

    Risks Associated with Possum Infestation

    You should hire a possum catcher Ballarat as soon as you find a possum on the roof or yard because they can pose the following threats:

    • Possums are carriers for various kinds of diseases like coccidiosis, tuberculosis, tularaemia, etc.
    • Frightened possums can emit a bad stench.
    • They can also attack the food that is kept for the cats or dogs.
    • They can dig the holes in the soil or overturn the trash bins in the yard.

    How to Identify Possum Outbreak?

    Want to book the possum control Ballarat but still not sure about the infestation of this pest? Check out these signs that can help you to identify the same:

    • The possums eat the fruits and vegetation present in the yard.
    • Faeces of the possums are similar to those of dogs.
    • Crackling sound can be heard at night if possums stay in the house.
    • You can easily recognise the possums because of their reflecting eyes.
    • Chew and paw marks can be discovered on the trees or wooden furniture.
    • You can hear the sound when the possums jump on the roof. Even the stains of their urine are left on the roof.

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Ballarat?

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    Dead Possum Removal Service

    Possums can create havoc in the house with their activities. But, the condition can become even worse if these pests die. Foul odour of the dead body and the germs can impact the health of the residents. In this case, you need to take help from licensed professionals. They can remove the bodies properly and can also relocate the live possums to a safe place.

    Keep Possums Out of Your Yard!

    If your house frequently becomes the nesting place for the possums, then you must follow these tips to keep them away from your home or yard:

        • You need to eliminate all the sources of food for the possums.
        • Things like garlic and mothballs can irritate and remove the possums through the strong scents.
        • Seal all the entry points with wire.
        • Use motion-activated lights to scare these creatures.
        • Tall trees should be trimmed.

    If you are looking for an ideal company for the ‘possum pest control near me’, you can trust Pestico Pest Control Ballarat. Our team is certified and use various tools to relocate and remove the alive and dead possums from commercial and residential places. So, pick up your phone and book our service now!

    `Frequently Asked Questions about Possum Removal

        1. Do you remove the corpses of possums from the roofs?

    Yes, we remove the dead bodies of possums from almost every corner of your house.

        1. Is there any way to prevent the possums from entering the roof?

    If you want the possums to stay away from your roof, then you should trim the long trees in your garden. All the entry points must be removed.

        1. Can I keep poison baits to kill possums?

    No, it is illegal to kill possums as they are protected species.

        1. How long do possums live?

    The possums usually live for 2-4 years.

        1. Are possums nocturnal?

    Yes, the possums are nocturnal creatures. They come out in the daytime only if the food is not adequate for them.

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