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    Infestation of rodents and mice is a grave problem which affects number of households in Ballarat. Rodents get attracted to our homes in search of food and water. They can be found in any city and locality. These rodents are not just threat to our home but also our health and economy. Due to these rodents, pregnant women might suffer a miscarriage or other complications while having a baby.  There is an evident example of the plague faced spread in Australia in the year1993, which had damaged about $96 million. Also Australia has suffered from the rat plague in 2010 which had destroyed about three million hectares of crops in different regions of Australia.

    Our expert rodent removal service in Ballarat is designed to efficiently control this problem. Also, we provide sanitization service for preventing COVID-19.

    Rodents comprise mice and rats. They are a major pest found in Ballarat. Here are three prominent types of rodents which are found in Australia-

    • House Mouse
    • Garden Rodent
    • Brown Rat

    How To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home?

    Though most of us like smell of peppermint, still the rodents tend to hate it. So you can use peppermint oil to keep them away from your home.
    The most effective and eminent method to keep rodents away is by keeping your home clean. You need to examine your home for infestation and change your sheets regularly.
    You can use adhesives to eradicate eggs and rats. Throw these adhesives away after regular intervals.
    You can also apply heat for killing rodents. Make sure that the applied heat is sudden.
    Also, you can utilize glue boards, cryonite, and pheromone traps as an effectual and organic rodent removal treatment in Ballarat.

    Get Rid Of Rodents With Expert Help In Ballarat

    Rodent infestation can cause heavy losses. So, you need to understand how rodents can be a lot dangerous for society and how to deal with them. We have unparalleled expertise in managing rodent infestation.  Here are some reasons why you need to hire our services

    • 24 Hour Service
    • Total assurance of best results
    • Inspection through cameras endoscope
    • Emergency treatments available

    Possible Risks Due To Rodent Infestation

    Rodents can be much problematic for human health.
    Rats can lead to fire set up by chewing electric cables.
    Moreover, rats consume lot of food and also contaminate the food with their feces.
    Rodents can destroy your furniture, electrical and also structures.
    Rodents can spread lice, fleas, ticks, and mites and leave the droppings everywhere.
    They can spread diseases like rat-bite fever, plague, hantavirus, jaundice, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and pulmonary fever.

    How To Know About A Rodent Infestation?

    Here are some factors which can help you to recognize rodent infestation.

    Rodent Droppings

    Rodent droppings are pointy and smooth. They are about 4 mm long. They are often speckled haphazardly but near the runways or feeding areas.

    Rodent Tracks

    Rat tracks can be traced easily on dusty surfaces. One can look for rodent tracks by dusting the particular region with a chalk or powder.


    In case you notice holes in walls, ceilings, trails in sub floors, then there might be rats on the location.


    Burrows can be spotted in the ditches, walls, fences and beneath the buildings, low vegetation or slabs.

    Urine blemishes

    These spots are easy to trace in your home or office.

    Grease stains

    Rats have oily skin fur which keeps back the grease marks. You can easily spot them.


    Although rodents cannot be seen in dark, still they make sounds which can easily make you aware about their presence.

    How To Keep The Rodents Away From Your Home?

    The ideal way of controlling rodents is to spot places where they might hide. They can be hiding in the garden area. So, you can cut the grass in the outdoors of your home and dispose the unwanted trimmings, which can make it difficult for them to hide.
    You need to seal all the openings and pipes to make sure that there is no entry point for the rodents which is left behind.
    You can also use the traps to keep away from the rodents. These traps should be disposed off far away from your home or office.
    In case any of these precautions do not work, you can always seek help from expert professionals who can find the best solutions for your problem and offer you with effective rodent control solutions.

    So if you wish to eliminate the hassle of spending time in removing the rodents, then give us a call now and get a express booking.

    Some Extra Methods To Eradicate Rodents From Your Home

    You need to keep a check in your home or office. If you spot black rats that have a slim and pointed body with big ears or you see brown rats with fat body, small ears and blunt nose, then you surely have an infestation of rodents at your site.
    Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home, offices, attics, basements, and cupboards frequently. Do not miss out on the corners and ensure that all the spots are properly checked.
    You can see if there is a rat movement in your property in the night time. An early examination of rat infestation can avoid problems in future.
    You can connect with our professionals and hire our expert services.

    Troubled Due To Rodents? Need To Eradicate Them At The Earliest?

    Follow some of these easy steps to make your home free from rodents.

    Schedule an appointment for rodent extermination service.
    Let the expert examine the site.
    He can take the steps which are must.
    Bid farewell to the unwanted rodents.

    At Pestico Pest Control Ballarat, you can get end-to-end rodent removal services in Ballarat at the most reasonable prices. So give us a call now and get a express booking.

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