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    Rodents like mice and rats create chaos in the houses. Right from cable wires to food items, lots of things are damaged by these notorious pests. People have to face lots of problems like disease spread, food contamination and property damage when rodents make their shelters in the house. These pests need water and food to survive.  That’s why they are commonly found in kitchens and warehouses. Apart from food items, the rats and mice also chew plastics, rubber and various other kinds of materials. If you don’t want to suffer from these problems, then get rid of the rodents by hiring the rodent control Ballarat team from Pestico Pest Control Ballarat.

    Our company provides the best pest control rodent treatment and dead rodent removal service at an affordable price. A team of certified professionals remove and kill the rodents to protect your home from infections and destructions. Fed up with the mess created by the rodents? Contact us on +61480015729 and book the service.

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    Potential Threats by Rodent Infestation

    • Rats and other rodents are known to spread some dangerous diseases. They can bite you to cause infection or their touch can be infectious. Also, the waste generated by rodents can spread diseases in the air. Hantavirus, Plague, Rat bite fever, and Salmonella are a few examples of diseases that are transmitted through rodents.
    • Rodents can chew any type of material. They can chew clothes, upholstery products, furniture, wires and many other things in the house. If you own a commercial property, then you should book the commercial rodent control to remove the rodents at a large scale.
    • Grains, fruits, seeds, vegetables and many other edible items are loved by rodents. They can spoil the food with their greasy bodies and teeth.
    • They can become a carrier for different parasites like fleas, mites and ticks.
    • Rodent droppings with awful odour can ruin the corners of the house.

    How to Identify the Presence of Rodents?

    To know whether the rodents reside in your property or not, you can check for the following signs:

    • You can find droppings of the rodents near their feeding areas.
    • The tracks of the rodents can be identified in dusty places.
    • The stains of the rodent urine can be seen in the corners of your office or house.
    • The skin of the rodents is oily. The marks of the greasy substance are left by the rodents on many surfaces.
    • Rats and mice become active and noisy at night. This is the major indication that confirms the presence of rodents.
    • Holes and burrows can be found in the walls, sub floors, fences, etc.

    If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned in the list, book the rodent pest control treatment for instant relief.

    How do Pestico Pest Control Experts Deal with Rodents?

    Here are the steps followed by our rodent control Ballarat professionals:

    • To tackle the rodents, the experts examine the places where rodents can reside, hide and cause damage. All the entry points and food sources are identified by the specialists.
    • Instead of killing the rodents, the pest control team eliminates the sources that attract the rodents. Common access points are recognised and fixed in order to keep the rodents away from home.
    • Baits, ultrasonic radiations, rodenticides, tracking powder and fumigation are the techniques that are used to kill and catch the rodents.
    • The dead bodies of all the rodents are collected from all corners of the house.
    • To prevent the spread of infections and diseases, our team sanitises the place properly.

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control?

    • We offer affordable pest control services.
    • Our team is experienced and trained.
    • Modern technology and effective processes are used to remove and exterminate different types of pests.
    • Our company offers guaranteed results.
    • Pest control treatments are safe for everyone.
    • Same day and emergency bookings are available.

    Prevention of Rodent Infestation

    • Repair all the holes and seal all the cracks to prevent the entry of rodents into the house.
    • Traps and baits can be used to catch the rodents. Keep the traps with a food item at all the places where the rodents are active.
    • Store all the food products in air-tight containers. Always cover the food bowls.
    • The rodents can make their burrows in the garden. Keep the garden area trimmed and clean.
    • Offices, basements, cupboards and all other spots should be cleaned regularly. Cluttering should be avoided.
    • If the activities of the rodents suddenly increase, do contact us for pest control rodent treatment

    Frequently Asked Questions on Pest and Rodent Control near Me

    1. Are rodents risky?

    Yes, a rodent infestation can be risky. They spread infections and also spoil the food items present in the kitchen. If you have a restaurant or warehouse, then large-scale destruction can be caused by the rodents.

    1. Do you provide rodent control service for commercial buildings?

    Yes, our team provides pest control services for commercial buildings.

    1. Does Pestico Pest Control uses safe pesticides?

    Our team has experienced people who have a deep understanding of pests and chemicals. They use only eco-friendly and health-friendly products to exterminate rodents.

    1. Can you remove the dead bodies of rodents from all the difficult places?

    The dead rodent removal team checks all the corners of the houses. Our experts use the best tools to remove the bodies and sanitise the place to kill the germs.

    1. How can contact your customer care executive?

    You can simply call on ++61480015729 to know more details from the customer care executive.

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