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    Have you been noticing silver coloured and fish-shaped insects crawling on clothes and moist papers? They are silverfishes that can do damage to the house. If you don’t open closets or book cabinets for a long time, you can find silverfishes in them. They look for humid and dark places to live and they can feed on books, photos, dresses, etc. Pestico Pest Control Ballarat offers a treatment that is specifically designed for silverfish control Ballarat.

    In silverfish pest control Ballarat, the experts find out the infested places and use chemical sprays to control and destroy the pests. With our treatment, you don’t have to worry about allergies as you can use the room safely after a few hours. Do you need a free quotation for our silverfish control service? Contact us now at +61480015729

    Why is Silverfish Infestation Harmful?

    The silverfishes are quite damaging. Check out the losses that you can suffer from if silverfishes stay in your house:

    • The old skin and faeces of silverfish cause allergies in humans.
    • Products made up of cellulose are attacked by the silverfish. Books, newspapers, clothes and many other things can be destroyed by the silverfish.
    • Your expensive dresses made up of wool, silk and fur can be ruined by the silverfishes.

    There are many repercussions of letting the silverfish breed inside the house. It is always better if you book the silverfish control treatment on time to avoid problems.

    Signs of Infestation

    If you are confused about whether the insect that you have seen is silverfish or not, then check out the signs that can help you to confirm the presence of silverfishes:

    • Silverfish makes holes in clothes, papers, paintings, etc.
    • The fabric of the clothes turns yellowish wherever the silverfishes make holes.
    • The shed skin and waste produced by silverfish can be seen in the corners.

    These signs indicate that you need silverfish pest control Ballarat service on an urgent basis. Contact us and book the service online.

    Silverfish Control Ballarat

    To deal with the insects with metallic appearance, the experts use high-quality pesticides. Instead of being harsh and allergic to skin, the products used for pest control are safe for humans and allergy-sensitive people.

    Apart from exterminating the pests and eggs, the professionals also make use of some exclusion techniques. Sources of moisture and darkness are eliminated and post-treatment monitoring is done to control silverfish.

    Benefits Offered by Pestico Pest Control Ballarat

    Removing and controlling the silverfish requires proper training. We have a team of experts that can handle the pests perfectly. Have a look at the advantages offered by our company:

    • Elimination of pests with modern tools
    • Safe process with no harm to health
    • Guaranteed removal of silverfishes
    • Reasonably priced services
    • Helpful customer care team
    • Experienced and licensed team

    Tips to Prevent Silverfish Infestation

    • All the leakages in the pipes should be fixed. Moisture should be minimised to control silverfish.
    • The clothes and beddings kept in the bed and cabinet for a long time should be exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours after every few months.
    • Cleanliness of the bookshelf, cupboard and food storage area should be maintained.
    • If the infestation becomes severe, directly reach out to the experts for professional silverfish pest control.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Silverfish Control

    1. I have a newborn baby at home. Is the silverfish treatment safe?

    The pesticides used by our team are not going to impact the health of babies. You can use the treated room after a few hours.

    1. What kind of damage do the silverfishes cause?

    These insects can spoil books, papers, clothes, food, etc.

    1. What are the prime requirements for silverfishes to survive?

    Humidity, warmth and food sources containing starch, carbohydrate, protein and sugar are necessary for the silverfish.

    1. Are same-day bookings available?

    Yes, you can schedule the service for the same day.

    1. Is your team experienced?

    Yes, Pestico Pest Control Ballarat has a team of experienced professionals.

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