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    Are termites causing harm to your furniture and property? Don’t panic! The termite treatment services offered by Pestico Pest Control Ballarat can be helpful for you. Termites are pale in colour and destroy the moist wooden structures present in the house or a commercial place. DIY hacks are not useful in controlling the mites and you should trust professionals for termite control Ballarat.

    The experts use non-allergic pesticides and try to eliminate the sources of moisture for controlling the termites. The termite protection Ballarat treatment done by our certified and skilled team give long term protection from the pests. If you want to save your property from further damage, contact us and receive a free quotation for the termite control service. Need more details about the service? Call us at +61480015729.

    Different Types of Termites

    1. Subterranean Termites
    • They prefer rotten wood for infestation.
    • They need moisture to live.
    • These termites make tubes and nests by using soil, wood and faeces.
    1. Drywood Termites
    • These termites live on timber.
    • They take moisture from wood rather than soil.
    • These termites reside in small colonies.
    1. Dampwood Termites
    • These termites need both moisture and contact with soil.
    • They feed on trees and logs that absorb moisture from the soil.
    • You need to remove the source of moisture to get rid of them.

    There are many types and species of termites that have different characteristics. It is better to hire professionals for termite treatment services as they can implement proper treatment.

    Potential Threats by Termite Infestation

    • The foundation of the house becomes weak when the termite infestation in the soil increases.
    • Termites can ruin wooden furniture in the house.
    • The termites need moisture to survive. In the rainy season, the termites destroy the fences, doors, cabinets, windows, etc.
    • The trees in the garden become hollow when termites invade the place.
    • The termites spread very quickly. You need to book the termite control Ballarat treatment before the colonies spread in other parts of the house.
    • The termites have strong jaws and can also chew the electrical wires.

    How to Identify Termite Infestation?

    • Termites make mud tubes with help of mud and dirt particles. These tubes help them to travel here and there without getting noticed by anyone.
    • You can notice some termite swarmers on humid and warm evenings. The debris of discarded wings can also be seen in the garden.
    • The furniture becomes hollow and weak when the termites attack them.
    • You can notice some cracks in the foundation, walls, ceilings, and fences if termites are present on the property.
    • Brown and grainy droppings also indicate the presence of termites.

    Have you noticed any of the signs that we’ve listed here? If yes, then you must book termite protection Ballarat.

    Methods Used for Termite Control Ballarat

    Termite Monitoring

    In this method, the monitoring stations are installed on the ground by the professionals. Monitoring the condition of the termite population becomes easy with the equipment.

    Termite Dusting

    The poison in the powdered form is sprinkled around the places where the number of termites is high. A drill is used to make holes in some parts of the property and the chemical is dusted there.

    Soil Treatment with Chemical

    To save the house and the belongings from the termites, the professionals spray the anti-termite chemicals on the soil near your flooring. It is one of the best ways to restrict the entry of termites.

    Termite Shelter Destruction

    The experts find out the places where the termites have made their colonies. They destroy those places and kill the termites to prevent the spread of pests.


    Baiting stations are made in some corners of the house. The termites get attracted to the baits and die after consuming the poisonous substance.

    Why is Pestico Pest Control the Best Company?

    • Our team of certified and experienced pest controllers deliver excellent results.
    • We look for the root cause and fix it to prevent the recurrence of termites.
    • Our company can control a wide range of pests.
    • We offer guaranteed results.
    • Ensuring client satisfaction is our aim.
    • The pesticides are safe for health and the environment.
    • Modern tools and equipment are used for the treatments.

    Prevention of Termite Infestation

    • Minimize the contact between soil and wood.
    • Papers, cardboard and other things that contain cellulose should not be kept near the foundation of the house.
    • Leakages in the pipes should be fixed ASAP.
    • Plants can serve as a pathway for insects. Tall shrubs and plants should be trimmed regularly.
    • Debris of trees and decayed wood should be disposed of properly.
    • Keep a check on the furniture. Whenever you see the wooden dust near the furniture, just contact our professionals for termite treatment Ballarat.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What do termites usually eat?

    The termites usually look for cellulose material. That’s why you can find these pests eating things like carpet, wood and plants.

    1. Are white ants harmful?

    Yes, termites can be destructive. They can destroy the wooden furniture, doors, house foundation and many other things within a few months.

    1. Do you offer termite control treatment for commercial places?

    If you are facing termite problem in your workplace, then you can contact Pestico Pest Control.

    1. How do termites enter the house?

    The wooden objects that are in contact with the base of the house are most vulnerable to termite infestation. These insects get attracted to moist wood and can enter through cracks in the foundation, door or window.

    1. Do you provide a free quotation for the termite pest control service?

    Yes, we provide a free quotation for the service.

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