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    Termites are included in the taxonomic type cockroach and feed on wood, soil and animal dung. Generally they infest in your home or office furniture can cause huge loss.

    We have expert eco-friendly chemical solutions which are completely safe for your family and pets.  Also they give you best results.

    How To Recognize Termite Infestation?

    Here are some factors which can indicate termite infestation-

    Sound of head banging- In case you put ear near an infested wood you can hear the sound of their banging heads.

    Tunneled wood – Wood tunnels can offer protection and shelter to termites.

    What Are Types Of Termites?

    • Subterranean Termite
    • Drywood Termite
    • Dampwood Termite
    • Formosan Termites
    • Flying Termites

    Know About Our Termite Control Treatments In Ballarat

    Termite Monitoring

    The termite monitoring systems are installed when your property has a termite infestation. It needs to be serviced after every 2-3 months. Through this process, you can eliminate the chances of termite attacking.

    Termite Dusting

    This is the process which is used to lessen the termite infestation in your home or office.  This method needs expertise for effective results.

    Chemical Soil Treatment

    In this method, a chemical is applied to the soil around your flooring. Our termite controllers are well equipped with required skills and can use this latest technology for termite control treatment.

    Termite Baiting

    Termite baiting is an organic method for controlling termites. Termite baits commonly used devices for eliminating termites which have built up inside a particular building.

    Termite Nest Destruction

    In case your building is attacked by termites, our well experienced termites can use the best techniques and help you to eradicate these pesky pests from your property.

    Here Are Some Of The DIY Termite Control Methods Which Can Be Used In Ballarat

    Avoid having garden areas next to your home.
    Ensure that you do not have water leakage in your property.
    Make sure that there is no moisture and humidity built up in your property.
    Your home or office needs to have a proper defined system of aeration and drainage.
    Things like overflow of hot water system or drainage of air-conditioner pipe against the wall are sufficient for attracting termites in your home. So, ensure that there is enough air which is moving around in your home and keeping the moisture built up away.
    Stock up all the necessary goods and timber in a safe manner.

    If you have kept your goods right against or in a leaning position on the wall, then it can turn into a disaster. This works as a bridge or a runway for termites to get inside your house. Also timber is attracts termites. So make sure that you stock the timber outside the house on bricks; this forbids termites from getting in your home and also protects your timber.

    Stay careful while performing DIYs

    Many a times, while doing DIY renovation in your home or office, people tend to store the untreated timber around or in the area of the house, which stays closely attached to walls of your home. Through this direct contact, termites get an access to your home. So the best way to avoid this is to get a good interior designer for renovating your home in a professional manner.

    Here Are Some More Indications Of Termite Infestation

    You can spot some winged insects in the vicinity of your home or around your home.
    Some kind of a bubble type structure or cracks in the surface of your wood items. They are also known as termite dropping.
    Wood which sounds hollow after tapping.
    Mud tubes on outer walls, wood beams or crawling spaces.

    How Can We Help You With Our Termite Control Treatments In Ballarat?

    At Pestico Pest Control Ballarat, our expert team of pest controllers will offer you with a express booking having detailed plan for treating termites. We have a well defined plan and efficient machinery to give you best possible results. We will offer you a comprehensive termite treatment plan which is best suited for you, so you can rely on our methods and for holistic termite eradication.

    What Are The Methods For Staying Away From Termites?

    Check your yards regularly

    In case you notice some kind of holes around tree, stumps, or timber in your surrounding yards, or you spot some termite around it, then just connect with our termite expert as early as possible. Avoid treating it by yourself as this can allow the entire colony of the termites to enter your home.

    Keep a keen attention on timber and timber products in your home

    Watch out for any kind of imperfection in the timber products which can be an indication of termites. If you poke it with your finger then you can reach out to the hole which they have made. You can apply some masking tape on the holes, if they are small in number. In case you find holes like these, then it is good to eliminate that timber piece.

    Examine your home at least once in an year

    A deep inspection for termite protection can be helpful in controlling termites in Ballarat.  For instance, you can install a chemical blockade in soil which might help.

    If you follow these steps which are mentioned above then you can eliminate the termites from your home. However, in case the situation gets out of control, then call a professional pest controller right away.

    We at Pestico Pest Control Ballarat have a wide experience in carrying out effective pest eradication treatments. So, connect with us for an exceptional treatment at reasonable price.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are white ants or termites the same insects?

    Yes, however termites are a more precise word which is used commonly.

    Do termites eat wood?

    Yes, termites feed on wooden products in your home.

    I’ve found Termites in my home, what do I do?

    Firstly, keep them undisturbed. Secondly, you need to call expert pest controllers for their elimination.

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