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    Have you noticed some wasp nests in the garden? If yes, then get rid of them as soon as possible! The wasps look like bees and their sting can be painful. It is not easy to remove their nests or control them because they can attack humans in groups. You must contact professionals for the wasp removal Ballarat. The experts at Pestico Pest Control Ballarat are certified and trained in pest control work. They can remove the wasps from both residential and commercial places.

    The wasps are very active in the summer season. Their nests can be seen in the trees, porches or even on the roof edges. Wasps can annoy you during pool parties and barbeque parties. If you want to save everyone from painful stings and skin problems, then book the wasp treatment Ballarat from Pestico Pest Control at reasonable prices. Upon receiving the request, our professionals will reach your home with all the tools and products. Our experts finish the work on time and also ensure that the perfect results are obtained after the process. So, book the service now and get rid of all the wasps hovering in your house.

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    Problems Caused by Wasps

    Allowing the wasps to roam around the house can be a bad idea. When a wasp stings, the venom present inside its body is pumped into the human tissue. The affected area on the skin becomes swollen and red. Itching and burning sensations can also be experienced in the skin. If you have kids at home, then you have to be extra careful as the sting can be lethal for them.

    It becomes impossible for a person to enjoy some quality time in the pool or garden when the wasps have made their nests in the premises of the house. Wasps are also attracted to meat scraps and sugary food items. Leaving the food or trash bins uncovered can invite an attack from the population of the wasps. Book the wasps removal Ballarat to prevent these problems caused by the notorious insects.

    How to Identify Wasp Infestation?

    To prevent a further increase in the wasp population, you must take some actions on time. But how will you recognise the wasps? Well, have a look at the signs that indicate the presence of wasps in the house or commercial property:

    • Sudden Increase in Activities

    Wasps have slender bodies. They have long wings and their bodies have yellow and black stripes. They can be swarming in the garden in the warmer months. Whenever you find them flying, just contact the professionals at Pestico Pest Control for wasp treatment Ballart.

    • Check the Wood

    The wasps need wood to build their nests. They chew the wood and leave some marks on the trees and fences. There are high chances of wasp infestation if chew marks are present on the wooden structures.

    • Nests of Wasps

    Check all the corners like bird boxes, roof spaces, garages and trees. The grey or brown coloured nests can be found hanging in the corners if the wasps are present in the house.

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control?

    • The professionals working at our company are trained and licensed. They follow all the Australian standards set for pest control.
    • We offer pest control services for both commercial and residential complexes.
    • Our team examines the problem and suggests ways to prevent the problem in future.
    • Products used to kill the pests are completely safe and non-allergic.

    How Do Our Experts Remove Wasps?

    Wasp nest removal Ballarat team at Pestico Pest Control Ballarat works systematically and carefully while removing the wasps. Have a look at the steps followed by our certified team:

    • Investigation

    The wasp control team starts the entire process by checking all the corners of the house. They find out all the nests made in the premises of the house. The specialists also analyse the behaviour of the wasps and the damage caused by them.

    • Use of Pest Control Chemicals

    After recognising the infested areas, the experts spray the chemicals in the right quantity to kill the wasps. The chemicals compel the wasps to suffocate and work effectively well for wasp removal. Only approved chemicals are used to destroy the wasps.

    • Removal of Nests

    The professional wear the right gear and use the relevant tools to remove the nests. They make sure that the wasps don’t attack anyone. Disposal of the nest is also done properly by the team.

    • Monitoring

    Some wasps hide in the corners and can take time to come in direct contact with the pest control product. To ensure that the wasps are gone from the house, the team visits the place and conducts a thorough inspection.

    How to Prevent Wasps?

    Apart from booking the wasp treatment Ballarat, it is important to consider some preventive measures. You can get relief from the problems caused by the wasps by following the below-listed points:

    • Fix all the holes and cracks present in the windows and doors.
    • Seal all the potential entry points for the wasps.
    • The trash bins should be covered properly. The worker wasps should not see any open food sources in and around the house.
    • Purchase wasp repellent sprays from the market. Spray them whenever you find one or two wasps near the seating area.

    Control and destroy the wasps before they become dangerous for your health and property. Call Pestico Pest Control Ballarat and get a free quote for wasps removal Ballarat service now!

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